How to unlock Dell 1D3B,1F5A,3A5B


We offer you the opportunity to remove bios password from your notebook. This service concerns Dell notebooks with ServiceTag -1D3B, -1F5A, -3A5B -A95B. Simply specify the ServiceTag (You will see it after power on Your notebook), and we will send the Master Password Immediately.

How does it work?

  • Download MasterPassword application (Remote Bios Unlocker)
  • Make a payment (Buy codes )
  • After completing the payment you will receive an email with login and password
  • Enter your username and password to the application (Remote Bios Unlocker)
  • Select the model you want to unlock
  • Unlock it

also, you can use instant passwords:

  • Just go to this page and type your servicetag ( readed from login screen)
  • From dropdown menu select your suffix
  • Press "Paypal" button. After payment processing, your master password will be sent immediately


How to unlock Dell using "Remote Bios Unlocker":

Turn on your notebook and wait for password screen. On this screen you can see ServiceTag.


If your servicetag has seven digits before -1D3B -1F5A -3A5B then you have password protected BIOS   (example: 123456-1D3B).

If your servicetag has eight-eleven digits before -1D3B -1F5A -3A5B then you have password protected HDD   (example: A1234567-1D3B).

Launch MasterPassword application (Remote Bios Unlocker) , enter your login and password (which you receive via email).

If you don't have login and password goto "buy now" tab, select code what you want and press "Paypal button". 
You will be redirected to Paypal site. Once you successfully update your payment information you will receive password immediately
From dropdown list select your ServiceTag type (suffix) Enter your ServiceTag and press "Calculate".
After few seconds you will receive MasterPassword.
In Laptop: enter calculated password, Then holding CTRL push ENTER key twice.

Password is case-sensitive. Write it to notebook carefully,

take care about  "zero" , big letter "o", big letter "i", small letter "L".


If your keyboard type is different than standart US (qwerty),   you need to connect USB qwerty keyboard